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LOL NO. This blog will NOT give you the ‘right’ to voice your bigotry

Let’s get one thing straight – you don’t have a right to free speech here.

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Bali Day 7 – Togetherness

Today we got to experience a work space unlike any other that I have ever seen before. Hubud (Hub-in-Ubud) was Bali’s first co-working space – and what a space it … Continue reading

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Bali Day 6: Growth (East Bali Cashews)

In one word? OMG.

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Bali Day 5: Perspectives

In December 2016, I went to Bali as part of a leadership tour run by Learning Options. On each day, I wrote a summary of my day, focusing on a … Continue reading

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Day 1 & 2 of Bali – Awareness

As you read in a previous post, I have just come back from a world-changing trip to Bali. Amazingly for me, each day seemed to naturally create its own theme. … Continue reading

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My Tour of Bali: Flicking the Reset Button

Have you ever been sitting at work, going about your normal day when suddenly you’re offered an amazing training course in Bali – except you need to be on a … Continue reading

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Failing is Fine! Do it More!

Failing is completely Fine. No, Seriously. My entire life has been a series of taking the  seemingly harder road in hopes that the extra effort, heartache and perseverance will pay … Continue reading

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Invitation to Symposium – Confronting Death: Capital Punishment in Asia

Please see below for an invitation to a symposium on the Death Penalty that is being organised by my good friend (which I will also be attending) Title: Confronting Death: … Continue reading

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She is a reminder that you should never give up if your heart & soul are invested in something.

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I Don’t Represent ‘Real Muslims’. There’s No Such Thing.

Just because my views are slightly easier to swallow and relate to, it doesn’t mean that the views of other Muslims are any less valid.

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