The Loo Project will assess the cultural competency of ten community organisations providing services to young female CALD1 victims of domestic violence and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), aged 15 to 29, in the ACT.

The primary purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of the services that are currently available to CALD women in the ACT and create an environment of collaboration across community service organisations in this area. This information will provide government, community organisations and other members of the community with a better sense of the solutions that are currently available for abused young women in the ACT, while demonstrating areas in which global best-practice could be used.

This project is named after Ms Bestlyn Loo, in appreciation of her ground-breaking work assessing the nature of and responses to IPV within residential colleges at The Australian National University (ANU). Given that her work formed the foundations of this project, and that Bestlyn inspired our Directors to take action to support young, CALD women suffering from domestic violence, the UI wished to acknowledge Ms Loo.

This project aims to build on the foundations that Ms Loo has laid to capture the experiences of young CALD women and their relationship with sector service providers in the ACT.

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