Dear ScoMo*
Calling people to a meeting after you’ve insulted them and everything they are isn’t really the best approach. You cannot beat people into submission or turn them into political pawns and expect that they will be happy to play along.
For far too long, Muslim leaders have participated in strange games of identity politics and sucked up to politicians who speak about us like we are the scum of the Earth. It’s about time that leaders and community representatives step out of the game that we can only lose.
We are not any more responsible for Australia’s national security than any other citizens of this country.
We are not responsible for the lack of mental health support for people who are clearly unwell enough to violently attack.
We are not responsible for the divisive politics and media that push our most vulnerable to the fringes.
We are not responsible for the lack of adequate mental and social support that is necessary for any community to grow.
We are not responsible for the socioeconomic disadvantage that our communities deal with.
We are not responsible for the lack of meaningful engagement with our communities or the stigmatisation of our youth.
I am SO proud of the leaders who chose to boycott this meeting and hope that more people learn to do the same. There are too many good, hard-working Australian Muslims who have been forced to live like second-rate citizens and deal with a barrage of racist propaganda whenever a poll suggests that a government is losing community support.
Leadership isn’t about throwing your citizens to the dogs for personal political gain, ScoMo. It’s about rising above any bullshit and standing for what’s right and equitable in a diverse community.
It’s about time that Muslim leaders took control and drove the agenda in our best interests – like true leaders should.
*ScoMo is the name that the latest Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has given himself. He’s the perfect representation of the racist, homophobic, all-round bigoted uncle who’s keen on keeping children locked up in offshore detention centres, that you want to avoid at family gatherings. He’s pissed that Muslim leaders have boycotted a meeting with him.

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