We have spent years begging the community to stand with us against the ‘violent extremism’ rhetoric that has labelled Muslims as the ‘greatest threat’ to Australia’s national security.

We have spent years telling people that right wing extremists are a threat – a real, life, viable threat – to us. That they’re not just a loud minority who are crazy; that they’re a true threat.

We have spent years speaking about the fear that we live in when politicians and world leaders use as as the scapegoat, use as as the explanation for why sick security laws need to be expanded.

We have spent years telling you that our safety is at risk. That we are innocent and exposed. That we are the subject of aggression and hatred from perfectly lucid, sane, white men who want to destroy us.

We have spent years begging you to change the narrative. To stop pretending like we are the biggest threat to this nation.

Let us remember this coward was Australian. He’s not the only one who feels the way he does. He’s not the only threat.

And you told us there was no risk.
You told us they weren’t a real threat.
You told us we were trying to silence people’s perfectly valid opinions.
You told us we were exaggerating.

We weren’t safe.
We aren’t safe.
We will never be enough.

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