A couple of years ago I made this video about eating halal meat.

There are far too many people who are spewing misinformation behind the guise of… well… I don’t think they even know what they’re hiding behind…in order to delivery a message of intolerance and hate. Instead of promoting diversity and understanding, too many people are promoting division and discrimination.

I think my next job is going to create a series about ‘halal’ and what this means. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, enjoy the sarcasm of this video. It was all a massive joke, promise!!! Oh, and be warned – the quality is pretty bad. I was trying to sound concerned/scared!

It was originally uploaded with the following:

Sorry for the poor camera quality. I actually have a HD camera but the Muslim in me ruined it.

This is a public health warning. Eating Halal meat actually does make you Muslim. TELL EVERYONE! Be warned!

Luke Simpkins, you’re an idiot. I wonder if eating Kosher meat makes you Jewish… better let those Israelis and Palestinians know about this.




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