The last few months have been insanely busy which has meant I’ve fallen off my usual writing schedule. I’ve missed it!

At this point I should have answered everyone’s emails, comments, Facebook messages etc. If I haven’t replied to you, it means you have fallen off somewhere – so please message me again!

To get back into things, I’m going to answer questions I’ve been nominated to answer. The first is this Premio Dardos Award, as nominated by Julia Ahmad, who describes herself as an ‘Ex-Catholic Hijabi, Now Hijabless Muslim.’ Check out her blog! She was tagged by Sana Khan from ‘My Journey With Hijab‘.

So the way this works is I answer the following questions and then tag a few bloggers. Although I haven’t really gotten in with the blogging community, this is probably a great way to get started.

Here we go!

Where are you from? Originally from Sydney, Australia and now based in Canberra.

What do you like most about your culture? Oh gosh. Loaded question – I’m still trying to figure out how to define my culture. I suppose my culture is open to new and novel ideas. This willingness to attempt to engage with what’s new is always fun and exciting!

What is it like to be a Muslim in your country?  It varies depending on where you live and what’s happening in the media. I always found it very difficult in Sydney. I felt like a real outsider and was unable to overcome he persistent discrimination – especially on public transport! Canberra is totally different and I feel no different to anyone else. It’s a great feeling to not have to worry about whether someone is going to be abusive because I wear a hijab.

How many languages do you speak? Two! English and Arabic. Booyah.

If there was a colour that you could omit from your life.What colour would it be and why? Goodness, that’s harsh! I like all the colours. They can all stay.

How does this AWARD thing start? I have no idea; bloggers are adorable. What a great way to build a network.

Reason for writing this blog? I was sick of feeling like the conversation happening in the media was out of my reach and that I had no way of getting involved. After writing a few popular Facebook posts and eventually being published on, I realised I could be part of the conversation! This is my attempt at bridging the disconnect between Muslims and wider society.

Your favourite food? Tabouli. It’s a traditional Lebanese salad made of mostly parsley and cracked wheat. It’s always the right time for Tabouli.

Early Riser or Late night worker? Both! My ideal day starts at 5.30am after a good night’s sleep. I like that quiet stillness of the morning. When you’re out and about early in the morning, every else who is out and about is on their own little mission and walks with purpose. At the same time, I do love me some all-nighters.

Tea or coffee addict? Coffee coffee coffee!! I will drink any and all coffee – espresso shots, lattes, iced and hot. Coffee is my life. Fun fact – if I’m really tired and can’t get to sleep, I make myself a pot of Lebanese coffee and drink it. It helps me sleep like a baby. No, I don’t know why that is either!

Your 3 Favorite books? Hm. The Harry Potter series (I’m counting that as one book. I make the rules here!), Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Now, for nominations! I nominated:

Do you have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments down below!

Love to you all.

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