Name: Sajjad Alobaid

Age: 25

Nationality: Middle Eastern-Australian

Sajjad, a man who cares for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Sajjad, a man who cares for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Occupation: Final year medical science student and attendant carer at Bupa Australia, taking care of people who have brain damage.

Relationship with Islam: Islam is very important in my life. I used to do the prayer call (Athaan) in the village I grew up in. People ask me why I am a kind person – the answer is simple. Islam asks me to be. I can’t imagine my life without being peaceful – Muslim.

Tell us about your major achievements

I did very well in high school and received a scholarship to study in Australia.

What is are your greatest ambitions?

To continue to learn for the rest of my life. I would also love to work in a place where I can keep people happy and smiling.

How did you come to have the beliefs you do?

Family to begin with, but you have to be able to decide for yourself as a teenager whether your religion is right for you or not.

How do you feel about the media’s portrayal of Islam?

Islam is against violence. All these depictions are not of Islam. Islam is perfect, but Muslims are not. Islam shouldn’t be judged by the bad actions of these people. People incorrectly think that acts of terrorism come as a result of Islamic teaching.

Are you able to freely express your views in the Islamic community?

Unfortunately, in some Islamic communities – and I don’t think we can even call them Islamic – some people have no respect for other people who don’t agree with them. It has to be their way, otherwise they think you are not Muslim. Islam is about actions, not appearance.

How do your friends feel about Islam?

I live with people from all different countries and they are shocked that I pray 5 times a day!


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