Despite calls for an apology for  publishing this comic (by Bill Leak), the Australian newspaper continues to ignore letters, emails and tweets asking for a justification. That is not acceptable. It’s time for a unified approach and that is why it’s so important that you sign this petition and share it.

After the Sydney Morning Herald issued an apology for Mike Carlton’s comic (and his subsequent resignation), it has become even more important that the Australian acknowledge the mistake made in publishing the comic, while more and more children’s lives are lost in Gaza.

It is outrageous that anyone could depict the murder of the children of Gaza as a ‘PR war’. How vile and inhumane. How disgusting that the pools of innocent blood can be reduced to nothing more than an apparent smoke-screen, intended to fool the West into supporting the people of Gaza. With 53% of the population aged under 18, it is children who are the targets of Israeli operations. Innocent children who were vilified by The Australian.

It’s time for the Australian to apologise for its despicable depiction and to ensure that such hate-filled comics do not make the pages of the newspaper ever again.

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