I have a confession. I was about four months behind on responses to emails and comments on this blog. Sorry, homies. Life and stuff.

The amazing thing that I noticed was the sheer number of disgraceful bigots posting disgusting comments and then adding a note at the end that basically says ‘if you don’t post this comment, you’re stifling free speech.’

Bahahaha what?!


Let me make one thing clear. This blog is not another forum for you to air your disgusting, sexist, homophobic, racist, bigoted, fucked up views.

I am under no obligation to publish your comment when you make it.

You have no right to anything here.

This is my playpen.


I mean, I have disclaimers all over the blog warning people that I won’t approve racist and hateful rants.

For the most part, I’d say I approve about 90% of comments. I’ll approve them when I agree with things, when I disagree with things, and even when I don’t quite get where a person is going. I do that because it helps to facilitate open conversation which is so important right now. It also allows people to clarify misconceptions in a way that is so valuable. I enjoy it and feel so grateful that you share your views with me.

But approve a disgusting rant?


Not happening.

There are many reasons for that.

The simplest reason is that I have control over this space and I don’t want it to be tainted with the same racist drivel that we’re subjected to in the real world. I mean, why should I allow that nonsense here? Why should I subject myself to that sort of abuse in my own bubble?!


More importantly; I may be able to handle that nonsense, but a lot of people can’t. I know that so many young Muslims come to my blog in order to feel connected to something bigger – a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes tear-jerky reflection of what it’s like to be a young Muslim living in such a volatile world. They’re not coming here to be subjected to more racism and hatred. Sure, a lot of my readers aren’t Muslim, but they have their own struggles and do not need to be reminded of the hatred in the world.

No; I don’t care that you add in your shit about how my ‘censorship’ is oppressive or that I’m trying to ‘suppress the truth’. Do you honestly think that those stupid additions would make me go “oh, man! I should definitely allow this crap on my blog now! He said I’d be oppressive otherwise!!!!”?!

GUESS WHAT. You’re an idiot.

That’s not how freedom of speech works – but that doesn’t even matter. You don’t have a right to free speech here. I am not going to give you yet another platform to voice your disgusting alternative facts.


So if you come here with the intention of posting some disgusting rant about Muslims or any other group, remember one thing:


Ain’t nobody got time for that

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