The best way to be productive at work is to have a desk calendar. It makes your office space… real and, you know, officey. The problem is that it is really difficult to decide which one you should get; so I’m going to help you. Here are my top five in no particular order.

The history one.

History desk calendar

Each day, this desk calendar will give you amazing facts from history. It tells people that you love learning things and that you’re cultured. You can then share your fact with everyone every single morning. Seriously. They’ll love you. (Don’t do it). But buy it here.

The App One

Daily App

Do you like downloading useless apps? Do you like making your friends download useless apps? Then I have the calendar for you! This one will give you a new app to download every single day. It’ll enrich your life and your memory card. You can buy this calendar here. Such a shame that the Unveiled Thought App isn’t featured. But, I mean, you should download it here anyway.

The life is crap one

calendar life is crap

Life can be difficult. Apparently, all we need to make things better is to be reminded about how much life sucks. Like. Everyday. 365 days worth of horrible things to look at each day. I mean, what better way to keep your sanity than to be constantly reminded how much it all sucks? Go buy it; what are you waiting for?

The origami one

calendar - origami

You know those times when you’re sitting at your desk and think ‘all I need right now is some paper that is intricately folded in such a way as to create a delicate object’? Well, now all your paper folding desires can come true. This calendar will walk you through some origami making everyday. Buy it here.

The poop one

calendar - poop

What everyone needs in life is some poop facts. That’s why this calendar is my favourite and probably the one I will buy. Poop is an essential part of life and this calendar will enrich you (and your bowels) by giving you lots and lots of information about poop and farts. Daily speckles of poop facts. You know you want it. You can buy it here.

What are you still doing here? Go get some work done!

Halal love to you all.

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