Post for Mamamia – Go Read It: ‘Sorry, Zaky. You do not speak for us.’

In recent days, the Australian media has given a ridiculous amount of attention to long-term trouble maker, Zaky Mallah.

I’ve written a post about how this is problematic – how giving a voice to people like him strips the legitimacy from genuine grievances of the Muslim community.

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Zaky Mallah Post on Unveiled Thought

Or read more about how I can ‘identify with a religion of violence’.

Or maybe you’d prefer this post on how I will no longer pay for the crimes of ‘them’

Orrrr maybe you want to know more about the impact of these issues on young Muslims. How I think we have an unaddressed problem with depression and anxiety.

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  1. I am not sure if my comment registered, I will repost sorry

    I would appreciate an answer to my questions..they are not directly related to Aus.

    1. Why should non-muslims be forced to tolerate halal meat? I assume tolerance runs both ways? I will use India as an example, despite being a majority all Hindus have no choice in KFC or McD because they only serve Halal meat. I know you are an Aussie. I am only trying to tell you that tolerance runs two ways, more often than not I see Muslims being intolerant of non-Halal meat. It might be helpful for you to address intolerance and silly behavior by Muslims as well. Islam seems to have so many rigid rules, it is almost as if social conflict is inevitable.

    2. Food aside, Why does Islam label a marriage between a muslim lady and non muslim male Zina? This is possibly the most intolerant point. Do you realize this way lies an eventual one way route to Islamic dominance of society? Ask the Pakistani Hindus, they will tell you horror stories of their daughters getting kidnapped and converted. Do a google search..

    As I see it, the whole Islamic bloc of OIC nations are shining beacons of intolerance. Not one of the 60 odd countries treat their minorities well. The most egregious ones being Saudi, Pakistan, GCC nations and most disappointingly Turkey of late..

    Why would so many of these nations misinterpret Islam? Your explanation of mis-understanding real Islam seems on shaky ground, as it cannot be that nations as diverse as Pakistan and Egypt and Saudi misinterpret the religion in remarkably similar ways?

    3. I have spoken to many learned imams in Sngapore, none of them say the Hijab or jilbab is a requirement and many decry it as a false way to depict modesty. I agree, the women of 1960s Beirut or Kabul or karachi or Jakarta or istanbul felt no need to cover up…the choice thing is understandable..the logic behind is not so…

    • I am so sorry for the delay in this response. I have just found over 50 comments that have been marked as spam going as far back as 2015. It’s possible that I have responded to this already – but I’ll answer again in case I haven’t!

      1. They don’t have to. People are able to shop based on their choices – go to places with halal meat if you want or to places without it if you want. If there aren’t any restaurants without halal meat then obviously those businesses don’t feel they’re necessary. The power of consumers is strong – so feel free to ask for what you would like.

      2. Islam has a very structured social system that places rights and responsibilities on all people. Islamically, a Muslim man who marries a Christian or Jewish woman must afford her religious freedom. A Jewish or Christian man is not obliged to do the same for a Muslim wife – at least not within the rules of Islam. Muslim men aren’t supposed to be marrying Hindu women anyway – they’re only allowed to marry ‘women of the book’ i.e Muslims, Christians or Jews. The actions of people outside of this scope are not permissible so they’re making up their own, unIslamic rules.

      Irrespective of whether a country is “Muslim” or not, there are always going to be human rights violations. The people in power in these countries aren’t behaving in Islamic ways. They are bigoted and racist and selfish in ways that defile Islamic scripture. That is their problem. If people of any other religious faith live in an Islamic country, they’re supposed to be given the right to practice their own religion. That’s what Islam says.

      3. I don’t know who you have spoken to but the Quran is quite clear on how it describes modesty for both men and women. The Hadith is also the same. The hijab isn’t supposed to be an oppressive tool of the patriarchy and the fact that this happens is unfortunate.

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