Are Muslims Offended By Christmas?

Well, it’s officially the season to be jolly. Decorations are up. Christmas carols by Mariah Carey are playing in stores. People are knocking each other over during their shopping sprees. There is car-park-like traffic within a 10km radius of any major shopping mall.

People often ask me if I celebrate Christmas. As a Muslim, I don’t. The next question is often ‘oh… are you offended by it?’ Am I offended that Christmas seems to vomit on everything from about mid November?


Making Christmas tree cupcakes has become a tradition.
Making Christmas tree cupcakes has become a tradition. It’s so much fun. Maybe I’ll post a recipe too!

Something about this time of year is really comforting. Everything is wrapping up. We all know that work and school is starting to slow down. We’re moving towards a new year; the official restart for everything (and thank God for that!).  There are Christmas parties everywhere and people are just celebrating life. Yes, people may be a little wound-up, but it’s only because they’re trying to impress their friends and family. (Ever the optimist? Maybe! Just roll with it).

I understand that Christmas has stopped being a religious holiday and has turned into a commercialised free-for-all, but whatever. People are showering each other with love. And hey; at least we get to watch entitled teenagers complaining that their parents got them an iPhone 6 instead of the 6 Plus, and who doesn’t enjoy reading those tweets?

I’ve heard stories – and they appear to mostly be made up stories – of Muslims being offended by Christmas celebrations, carols, decorations and even Christmas cards. It’s all a bit ridiculous. There is nothing offensive about Christmas or any other religious celebration. People are allowed to believe what they want and live their lives in the way that they want. People should be allowed to celebrate Christmas freely. Not to mention, Jesus is also a prophet of Islam. Sure, Muslims may not believe that Jesus is God or son of God (read about what Muslims believe about Jesus here) but I’m not going to have a nervous breakdown because people are celebrating the life of Jesus in a way that I don’t.

I won’t speak for others; but me (and my family) have never been offended by anything Christmasy – or even been remotely offended.

Well. That’s a lie. My mum was offended by Christmas one year. When I was in primary school, my teacher pulled us Muslim, Jewish and Hindu children out of class when everyone was making Christmas decorations. My mum was an unhappy lady that day and told the teacher that she had no right to exclude us from these activities. My parents didn’t want my brother and I to think that it was okay to shun someone else’s religious beliefs. As long as we weren’t compromising ourselves or our doing anything that was against Islam, there was no reason for us not to participate. There is nothing unIslamic about it.

Let me answer some of the most common questions for you

Do you really not celebrate Christmas?

Now, when I say we don’t celebrate Christmas I really mean that we don’t celebrate Christmas. Christmas day is just another day. It just means we don’t have to go to work and we can sleep in a little. Don’t worry! Muslims have their own celebrations throughout the year. We celebrate Ramadan and two Eids which are essentially two events which are as important as Christmas.

Is it weird to give you a Christmas present/Christmas card?

Not even a little bit. In fact, I try to hand out Christmas cards every year as well. This year, I gave out Christmas cards that were in the shape of little animals. I even gave them out to my Muslim friends! I received many as well. Some made me laugh. A couple made me tear up. It’s all beautiful.

I want to wish you a good end of the year… but… ‘Merry Christmas and a happy new year’ isn’t a very appropriate thing to say to a Muslim.

Maaate. Just say Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I’ll try and take away the pressure by saying it first. But it’s fine. You’re just wishing me a good end of the year and a good break. I accept your well wishes and send them right back atcha.

Are you offended by Christmas decorations?

Uhm. I decorated my office this year. So nuh.

So wait… why do people say that Muslims are offended by Christmas?

This is probably where my disclaimer should go. I’m sure there are some Muslims who may be offended by Christmas. But they’re probably the same person offended by the colour blue or offended by the fact that sand feels sandy. The protests of a few disgruntled grinches are not indicative of what the rest of the Muslim community thinks. I watched my parents call their Christian friends tonight to wish them and their loved ones a happy Christmas. And clearly, I’m the Muslim spirit of Christmas. This isn’t a unique experience. My parents and their friends reminisce about their younger years in Lebanon, when they would go and visit their Christian friends and neighbours on Christmas day to wish them well and celebrate with them. I intend on showing the same love and acceptance. It really is the only way to be accepted right back.

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    1. Reckon sand feels great between your toes at the beach though .. 🙂

      Actually I kinda love the feel of sand underfoot – just don’t let it get in anything I’m eating! 😉


  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    NO ! ! ! ! !



    NOT a halal New Year ! ! !

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hi there. Can I ask what it is you’re looking for exactly? I am more than happy for you to have an opinion that differs significantly from mine. However, you are on a bit of a spam mission, filled with hatred and unkindness. What is it you’re trying to achieve?


      1. My dear Unveiled Thought.

        Actually I simply came across your site whilst TRYING to post replies to a possible personal friend of yours mindmadeup.

        He (and several of his group of friends that also continually post together) and I exchanged a few words in several of MMU’s *many* Forums or Sites [he has so much time on his hands not being gainfully employed – unless WordPress ***IS*** his employer]. He eventually managed to have – – – WRONG! – – – Eventually my posts were either posted for a few hours “awaiting moderation” then deleted or like now IMMEDIATELY DELETED.


        Your site has managed to keep my remarks posted (see above and acquaintances of mine in another of your sites) – – – UNTIL yesterday, Jan 28, 2015. they all were deleted or censored.

        No, I an NOT trying to SPAM your website, just add a non-Muslim comment whenever a post is biased or incorrect.

        BTW, in the larger post below you stated you tried to send and email to me. This never arrived. I have checked the email address and found it to be correct and, in fact sent an email to myself to be sure and within the time it takes to drop one window down and bring up, another it was in my INBOX!?!?!?!?


        Whenever you see mindmadeup next time (or ramio1985 who are one and the same) tell him he is losing his touch. His Forums used to last up to 3-4 weeks! Since his holiday (??? he will explain all about this and his Mother to you unless he is ashamed of telling everyone what a brave person he is and how he was 100% behind a certain group only to come home with his tail between his legs) his Forums have only attracted my posts, which as I have explained to you Unveiled Thought, do not get past my clicking “Post Comment” before being deleted.


        Sorry if this has wasted your time because you – unlike thick-headed MMU have remained approachable.

        Thank you.


      2. Hello there! I’m sure you saw my previous comment letting you know that I had sent you an email but that it had bounced. Please email me at and that way I’ll have a correct email to send messages to.

        You’re not wasting my time at all, my dear. I look forward to hearing from you. I just ask that you keep your posts respectful and that you don’t leave unkind messages for other commenters.

        Just to be clear, I don’t have any personal friends on WordPress and I don’t know anything about the commenters that you’re talking about. I’m not too sure what MMU stands for, either.

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    2. I tried to send you an email but it doesn’t look like that was going to work.

      Here it is:


      I’m hoping that this email account is an active one which will allow me to send you a proper message. I hope you take the time to read it. Quite clearly, you are really upset about something. I’m not too sure what this something is. Let me be completely frank and honest with you.

      As a Muslim woman, I am horrified at the huge number of issues which the Muslim community are facing. There are many, many problems with Muslims in Australia. Some people are not integrating into this beautiful country. Some are completely unaware of how lucky they are to live here. Some are foul, horrible people. Some are violent criminals. However, you seem to push aside the fact that some Muslims are wonderful.

      However, some of us are hard-working, open minded people with nothing but love in their hearts for the country and its people. Some of us were born here. Some of us are second, third, fourth – eight generation and some have immigrated here. We are all fiercely patriotic and will defend this country with every last breath in our bodies.

      We are also in a unique position, as we understand the Muslims who are problematic, but we also understand Australian society. As such, we are capable of pushing towards huge improvements to these situations that we find ourselves in.

      When people like you leave angry, vicious comments for Muslims who are actually trying incredibly hard to fix things, you essentially leave us completely crushed between a rock and a hard place. Let me speak from personal experience – there are many Muslims who think that I’m a bad Muslim and treat me unkindly. Extremist Muslims attack me and my views and are out for my blood. On the other hand, there are angry, extremist non-Muslims who are just as horrible and rude to me. I find myself surrounded by two groups of people who don’t seem to realise how similar they are by virtue of their methods of communicating with people. Don’t let yourself fall into either of these categories.

      I’m not asking you to like all Muslims. I’m not asking you to like Islam or to like everything about the way we live our lives. What I’m asking is that you treat me, and other Muslims, in the same way that you wish to be treated. It is the support of people around us that will help good Muslims to make improvement to the Islamic community. But we simply cannot do that if we’re under this much pressure and have to spend time defending ourselves from comments like the ones you leave. Feel free to disagree and engage in a discussion. Don’t do it with hatred and bigotry. That simply will not fly here.

      I really hope that you understand where I am coming from.

      All the best.

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      1. Just a footnote, Unveiled Thought, I will pop back tomorrow and see if my posts here are still alive and well, or like in that other Forum of yours dead and buried.

        Whatever, both you and IU have had the chance to talk common sense from BOTH our sides.




  2. Gee, unveiled thought

    I wish I had the time to read your post above and have a discussion about them,


    “As a Muslim woman, I am horrified at the huge number of
    issues which the Muslim community are facing. There are
    many, many problems with Muslims in Australia.”

    Yes, many, many problems because you expect us to accept your disgusting ways such as halal (see the VDO).

    “Some people are not integrating into this beautiful country.”

    True, those people want Australia to be exactly the same as the country they escaped from – not to live in peace and harmony with us.

    (NOTE not one, not some, but ALL of mindmadeup’s numerous Forums.
    Close to 50+ and rising daily – they are all 100% anti-Australian.

    “Some are completely unaware of how lucky they are to live here.”

    Sadly for out Australian taxpayers they ARE AWARE of how lucky they are gladly (yet NOT thankfully) accepting baby bonuses, unemployment benefits, etc, etc.

    “Some are foul, horrible people. Some are violent criminals.”

    There are people like you say “foul”, “horrible” and “violent” . . .
    Unfortunately, ALL NATIONALITIES AND RELIGIONS have these types!!!

    “However, you seem to push aside the fact that some Muslims
    are wonderful.”

    . . . and however . . . until “someone” managed to have all my posts deleted automatically (not here – yet!) I have always added the proviso to my posts that THERE ARE MANY wonderful Muslims who do try to make themselves prepared to become Australian MUSLIMS. Yet even they at times turn a blind eye to the troubles made by those radicals.

    There are other sections I would call to point in you post, but time (and the possibility of this disappearing makes me wonder if it is worth my trouble?


    1. Hi there

      I request that you don’t bring the drama of other websites to this one.

      NOTE not one, not some, but ALL of mindmadeup’s numerous Forums.
      Close to 50+ and rising daily – they are all 100% anti-Australian.

      I assure you that there are no anti-Australian sentiments here and I won’t allow them. I also won’t allow any anti-Islamic sentiments or any other violence or disrespect here.

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    It was simply your site has ALWAYS been warm and inviting.

    (Pity you did not mention my faux pas mentioning MMU (or his other puppies) sooner.

    I promise NEVER to mention him or the others again in you Forums

    My apologies from all of my aliases.

    Curiosity urged me to see who the other “Likes” were from and I was surprised.


  4. I feel the same way about Christmas, being an Atheist myself. For me, it was always a family tradition, as my family is Christian, but we never celebrate the religious aspects, it was always a fun time with family and friends and a way to remember those we care about. This topic resonates with me, because I see many who think others are offended by Christmas, or want it erased as a culture war, especially Muslims. Some people, unfortunately, feel like Christmas in the public sphere to the exclusion of other religions is some sort of culture war! I have no issue with Christmas, but also don’t throw a fit if it isn’t in the public sphere and other religions are acknowledged equally, especially in the US, where freedom of religion is supposed to be a big thing. In the US at least, many imply that not celebrating Christmas makes one un-American, which is really hurtful to people like me who are non-religious, and I’m sure many Muslims in the US and others too. I like your fair and balanced view, that even though you don’t celebrate the day yourself, you can embrace the spirit of love and fellowship 🙂 I do the same, although I celebrate it with my family, it’s not about the religious significance to me personally. Also, don’t just outwardly do the whole “Christmas thing” just because of pressure from others in society. It’s okay to say, no I don’t do Christmas, or choose not to decorate or do Christmas activities either. I don’t do Eid celebrations when Muslims celebrate it, but I’d be more than happy to send a Muslim neighbor or friend an “Eid Mubarak!” card and say it to them 🙂 If everyone had such an open mind, and saw the spirit of the day, not just hung up on who should or shouldn’t celebrate, there’d be no “war on Christmas”.


    1. Amen! I think the saddest thing about it all is that ring-wing conservatives use Christmas as a tool of divisiveness. It’s fair to say that not everyone has a Muslim friend that they can be around all the time – so these made up stories about the hijacking or destruction of Christmas are believed by people who are otherwise sensible. Such a shame!


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